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This agreement (the "Agreement") reglamentary the procedure and terms of service the site "Ferma.Cash", called hereinafter "the Organizer", and is addressed to a natural person who wishes to receive services specified site (further "Participant".)

Organizer — международная компания Ferma.Cash под управлением зарегистрированной компании BVI Good Luck Star Technology Company Limited

Member — a person who has agreed to the terms of this agreement and has registered with fermacash as proof of this.

1.1 The organizer reserves the right to make changes and / or additions to the rules of the game, the gameplay.

1.2 By registering, the participant agrees to the platform's rules and undertakes not to violate them.


2.1 The organizer provides a playground for the participant to spend leisure and free time with the opportunity to earn money, and in no way forces the participant to use these services.

2.2 The organizer provides advertising services that allow those who want to advertise their own resources to other participants of the fermacash project through the "Site Surfing" section, which works on the "Paid to Click" principle.

2.3 The participant can contribute their own funds to achieve game progress.

2.4 The participant can order the payment of funds received as a result of his activities and achievements in the project, without any restrictions.


3.1 Do not use profanity and words/phrases that do not correspond to the scope of "censorship" when communicating through the provided game chat and personal messaging system.

3.2 Report in a timely manner the identified errors and shortcomings in the work of the site and the game process and do not use them for personal purposes.

  • Creating more than one account for one participant
  • Creating more than one account on the same deviceе
  • Register other people's accounts from your device
  • Log in to other people's accounts, including the accounts of your friends and relatives
  • Register an account for a one-day (one-time) E-mail addressа

3.4 Do not use the means of communication for the purpose of advertising any third-party resources.

3.5 Be responsible for any financial transactions in your account, even if they were not carried out by the participant himself.

3.6 Do not condemn the actions of other participants and the organizer of the site.

3.7 Do not use undocumented features (bugs) and errors in the game software and immediately inform the Organizer about them, as well as about the persons using these errors.

3.8 Do not use external programs of any kind to gain advantages in the project.

3.9 The participant undertakes to independently take care of the necessary computer security measures, to keep secret and not to transfer his login and password to other persons, participants. The entire risk of adverse consequences of disclosure of this data is borne by the participant himself.

3.10The participant undertakes not to use logins and names similar to the administrator's login for registration: admin1, admin33, adminn, administrations, etc., as well as logins and names moder, moderator, etc., which may mislead other participants of the system, are prohibited.

3.11 The participant undertakes to respect other users and the project administration when contacting the technical support service or communicating through the "Personal Messages" system».


4.1 It is forbidden to add sites for advertising that disrupt the normal course of "Site Surfing", destroy the frame with a timer, contain viruses, Trojans, redirects, phishing links or any other malicious programs.

4.2 It is forbidden to add for advertising sites containing pornography, an abundance of erotic materials, resources of sex services, resources stuffed with a lot of affiliate programs and advertising, resources advertising "autoclickers", "autobrowsers", various programs for hacking something, "magic wallets", resources requiring sending paid SMS messages, resources with content aimed at inciting ethnic hatred.

4.3 In "Site Surfing" it is forbidden to place sites using link shorteners.

4.4 Ads in "Surfing Sites" that have received a large number of complaints can be blocked and sent for review, if the complaints are justified, the advertising campaign can be blocked.


5.1 Ensure maximum availability of the project on the Internet, report on all planned technical work.

5.2 Constantly ensure the possibility of withdrawing the earned funds without any restrictions, no later than three working days. In case of force majeure related to payment systems, the organizer has the right to delay the payment for up to 7 days.

5.3 Observe the confidentiality regime with respect to the personal data of each project participant.

5.4 Provide timely technical support and assistance to project participants through a special section "Support".

5.5 Constantly improve the project for the better, taking into account the opinion of the majority of project participants.

5.6 Maintain and properly distribute the project's game reserve to provide stable and regular payments to participants.


6.1 The Organizer does not guarantee permanent and uninterrupted access to the playground and its services in the event of technical problems and / or unforeseen circumstances, including: defective operation or non-functioning of Internet service providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as actions of third parties. The organizer will make every effort to prevent failures, but is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in work, regardless of the causes of such failures.

RESPONSIBILITY В случае форс-мажорных ситуаций организатор обязан обеспечить доступ к проекту в течение трех суток с момента его недоступности в сети интернет.

6.2 The participant fully agrees that the organizer cannot be held responsible for the participant's losses that have arisen in connection with illegal actions of third parties aimed at violating the security system of electronic equipment and databases of the game, or as a result of interruptions, suspension or termination of the channels and communication networks used to interact with the participant, as well as illegal or unjustified actions of payment systems, as well as third parties.

6.3 The organizer is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of the participant's use or non-use of information about the project, the game rules and the project itself and is not responsible for losses or other damage caused to the participant due to his unqualified actions and ignorance of the game rules or his errors in calculations.

6.4 The participant fully agrees that the system administration is not responsible for the content of the advertised sites and for the accuracy of the information posted on them. Ads in fermacash are placed automatically without prior moderation.

6.5 The organizer is not responsible to the participant for the actions of other participants.